• Karen Bourne


It’s all a series of moments and choices. And with a sense of purpose and belief, you can push through the tough times to experience the better times.

Sometimes it has to get harder before it gets easier. But, if we can keep going and hold on, we’ll get through it and move to a better, calmer, quieter, happier, more contented and fulfilling place.

Our lives are made up of a series of moments and choices. And we have the ability to make a change, even when that feels impossible from the current reality or moment you are experiencing. However, it is all possible, moment-by-moment and choice-by-choice.

I recently took part in the Clacton-on-Sea half marathon. I was quite looking forward to it, thinking it would be a fun a day ‘beside the seaside’ and part of the Clacton Festival. But goodness, the wind was out for some ‘fun’ that day and I, along with the other runners, had to run into it for miles. It was exhausting. And, as we came round the loop and those taking part in the 10k run headed off to the finish line, I knew I had to do it all again (and a little bit more). To get through, I had to break it down to prepare myself. It was my choice to be doing the run and I knew why I was doing it. I had to see the section of miles running into the wind as a moment in time. And I had to push through to be able to come out the other side.

It was hard, and certainly a challenge. But I did it. And with my children running alongside me at the end, I crossed the finish line and collected another medal. Even though my time was slower that day, I was proud of what I achieved and seeing the children at the end was a special moment that I will always cherish.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was taking part in the Wirral Half Marathon. Once again, it was windy. And there was also a 10k. It was tough. But my experience at Clacton was tougher so I knew I could make it to the end. I knew if I pushed through it would be another challenge completed. I knew it was my choice to do it, to do all of the challenges, and the thought and intention was created in a moment. And I knew WHY I made the choice to do all of it.

It’s all a series of moments and choices. And with a sense of purpose and belief, you can push through the tough times to experience the better times. I knew I could come through at the Wirral run as I felt that I’d come through worse at Clacton. But I also knew we were all in it together, and I knew I could ask for help if I needed it. And that’s important to know and remember, whatever your situation. Through the tough times, if you can hold on, you will come out the other side. And in the process, you may just help or inspire someone else.

Because, in our moments and choices, we are all connected, and together we can all make a difference.

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