• Karen Bourne


Trust that it will all be okay. And always, always know that you are never alone.

Never let anyone or anything take away from who or what you are, or can be. You are unique and special and here for a reason; you are enough.

Trust that it will all be okay. If work isn’t working for you, perhaps it is time to change direction. If a relationship or partnership isn’t working, that’s okay, you can make a change or you can move on. It might not be easy but it might just be the right decision and the best way for you to move forward as the person you know you can be.

Your confidence and self-esteem can be caught up in so many things but what you think about yourself is the most important thing. Be bold, be strong, and be brave. It’s time to be you and know that you are enough. If you want to make some changes, go ahead and give yourself permission to do so – as long as it is what you want for you. YOU CAN DO IT. You deserve the best that life has to offer; to live your best life.

Know that tough times will pass and appreciate all that you have, all you can do and all you can give. Know that you are loved, needed and appreciated by so many more people than you’ll ever know or realise. Yes, really!

We can all only do our best with what we know at any given time; never let anyone steal your power, your confidence and your self-esteem. And always, always know that you are never alone. And know that ‘you are enough’.